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Are you looking for some inspiration or ideas on the different types of tarmac driveways you can have installed in Somerset? It can get quite confusing when you start hearing terms like SMA asphalt or tarmac courses, when in fact the most common type of tarmac laid on driveways is simply SMA.

The question is whether you get a new tarmac driveway in Somerset laid with 2 layers, a base course or topping course, laid with a concrete base and a SMA finish on top or just one solid layer of SMA. So far, in our opinion, the jury is still out. We feel the most durable option is the concrete base with a SMA tarmac finish on top but we feel all the above options are viable.

Now the question becomes what type of finish would you like on your driveway. Do you want a brick on edge around it or maybe you would a paved apron. Whats the difference? How does it look? Well, below we will show you 6 different examples so you can get a better idea of what type of tarmac driveway you would like as the entrance to your home in Somerset.

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